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Who Is Watching?

on February 19, 2023

Luke 14:27- “And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

It seems that at every turn lately, I hear of a friend or family member who is facing health, financial, or relationship difficulties. The death of a spouse, disrespectful children, disappointments at work.

Each one of us has a cross to bear. And Christians and non-Christians alike are watching to see how we are going to handle our problems.

When we find our strength in the Lord, we are an encouragement to others.

And, we discover our joy in following Christ.

2 responses to “Who Is Watching?

  1. Diane Hazen says:

    Spent two hours Monday at Asbury University where revival broke out Wednesday, February 8th. It’s still going on and spreading around the nation and world. No huge mountain top experience. Just the sweet, quiet presence of the Holy Spirit moving in prayer and praise. I could have stayed all day just to watch all the prayers (and tears). And to worship our great God. Our church has a connection to Asbury and is still in prayer and praise in the Holy Spirit. May we never lose that sense of the presence of Jesus in our midst. May He be welcomed back into many churches which have drifted away from their true calling. Amen! Diane Hazen


  2. Absolutely!!! Thank you for sharing, Diane.


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