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What Do You Think He Wrote?


My husband and I recently went to a Christian movie. In it, a local church puts on a play. One of the Bible stories it portrays is the story of a woman who is brought to Jesus with the allegation that she has committed adultery.

Punishable by stoning, Jesus directs that anyone who was sinless should cast the first stone.

When the story started, however, we read that Jesus was writing with his finger on the ground (in dirt, or sand, I am not sure).

Since scripture doesn’t reveal just what it was that Jesus was writing, it has been the subject of many debates over the years.

In the movie, the character of Jesus writes the word “GRACE.”

In reality, he may have been writing something quite different. He might have been simply doodling. We just don’t know.

However, because in the verses that follow Jesus offers the woman forgiveness, the word “grace” aptly fits this situation.

It is the same unmerited favor…the same undeserved pardon he offers us.


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Where Do You Get Your Strength?

Philippians 4:12, 13- I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”



A friend of mine was raised by her grandparents. They had lived through the Great Depression when times were hard and resources scarce.

They told her many stories of how difficult life had been for them and reminded her how fortunate she was to never to have known what real hunger felt like.

They came to know, as did the Apostle Paul, that they could be content in every situation if they would tap into the strength of the Lord Jesus.

As a child, my friend grew tired of hearing stories of the struggles of her grandparents. After all, she was a young girl with no idea of the plight of others around the world.

Then, tragedy struck her own family when she was in her thirties. She almost gave up when they were reduced to begging on a street corner.

It was then that she remembered the words of her grandparents decades before, and the scripture from Philippians.

She turned to God, finding joy in the midst of poverty.

She learned the secret of contentment when she allowed

Him to become her strength.

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Blessings in Imperfections


Exodus 4:11– “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?”




One of my early assignments was teaching severe and profound disabled children.

People used to ask me how I did it. All I can say is that those kids blessed me in ways that no average students ever could.


If you’re the parent of, know, or teach this type of child, you know what I mean.

Even so, have you ever asked yourself if God sometimes creates people to be less than perfect, physically or mentally?

Or, perhaps, permits disabilities, and imperfections?

And what about life’s tragedies? Does God have a hand in those?

Difficult questions. Difficult answers.

Let’s start with what we know:

*Psalm 139 tells us that God is personally—and intentionally—involved in the creation of each and every person in utero.

*Proverbs 13:33 says He is even behind what we may view as random acts of creation, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.”

*In Exodus 4:11, He says that He is sovereign in creating people with disabilities.

*And let’s not forget the story in John, chapter 9. In it, Jesus talks about a man’s blindness as having a divine purpose, “…so that the work of God would be displayed in his life.”

This side of Heaven, we will never fully understand the ways of God. For now, however, we must exercise faith and trust because of the things we are sure of, like His unfailing love for us and His attributes of goodness, mercy, and grace.

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Snow Plows, Garmins, and Jesus

14974697723_a035b2d5b2Psalm 85:13– “Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps.”



For a large portion of our country, that means snow, ice, and powerful storms.

It also means travel slowdowns, flights cancelled and roads closed.

Let’s suppose we fly back east to be with relatives for Christmas.

Our plane lands. We get our luggage from baggage claims and follow the signs toward the rental car counter.

Keys in hand, suitcases in the trunk, and Starbucks Grandes nestled into the console, we punch Aunt Emma’s address into our Garmin.

A quarter of a mile down the road, we come to a screeching halt.

As snow falls and wind howls around us, we are helpless as we watch snow plows work to clear the highway filled with miles of ice covered vehicles ahead of us.

We shake our heads. After hours in the sky and additional time at the rental car kiosk, it will be glistening white snow that stands between us and a long-awaited time of family reunion.

It is now that thoughts of God push through the hustle and bustle of the day.

So, we conclude, this is how it is with God:

We may try to get to Him. At times, it even seems that we are making progress as we go about our lives. But, the truth is, just like the snow and ice on the road, our sin stands between us and God.

As I observe snow plows doing their work, I am reminded that JESUS has done the work of redemption for us.

There is nothing we can do to pave our way to eternal life and God. There is only one way: Jesus.

As we let Him take control, we are able to see the path clearing ahead.

As we follow His directions, it isn’t long until we are home

celebrating with the Father.

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Seize Every Opportunity



Psalm 107:2- “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.”


You may be an author, a song writer, or a painter with special gifts at storytelling. Or, you may be a teacher, a carpenter, or baker with completely different talents.

No matter what your profession, if you are “redeemed of the Lord” scripture says we need to tell our story.

Sharing our story of salvation with others is not just reserved for the pulpit; not just for Sunday mornings.

We can tell others about the love of Christ at the mall, on the beach, in line at the grocery store deli.

Wherever we are…whenever the opportunity arises…

Remember that commercial where a guy hits his forehead with the heel of his hand and proclaims: “I could have had a V-8?”

I don’t say that to be funny.

I say it because it’s a missed opportunity and I confess that too many times, I have failed to advantage of the sharable moments when they have clearly been there.

As the New Year unfolds, how about making a spiritual resolution?

Let’s seize every opportunity to tell our stories.

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