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Seize Every Opportunity

on January 2, 2017



Psalm 107:2- “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.”


You may be an author, a song writer, or a painter with special gifts at storytelling. Or, you may be a teacher, a carpenter, or baker with completely different talents.

No matter what your profession, if you are “redeemed of the Lord” scripture says we need to tell our story.

Sharing our story of salvation with others is not just reserved for the pulpit; not just for Sunday mornings.

We can tell others about the love of Christ at the mall, on the beach, in line at the grocery store deli.

Wherever we are…whenever the opportunity arises…

Remember that commercial where a guy hits his forehead with the heel of his hand and proclaims: “I could have had a V-8?”

I don’t say that to be funny.

I say it because it’s a missed opportunity and I confess that too many times, I have failed to advantage of the sharable moments when they have clearly been there.

As the New Year unfolds, how about making a spiritual resolution?

Let’s seize every opportunity to tell our stories.

One response to “Seize Every Opportunity

  1. A “spiritual resolution!” I like that! Thank you for sharing!


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