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on March 18, 2018




Matthew 27:35– “When they had crucified him, they divided up his clothes by casting lots.”


Have you noticed that there have been some previously useless items—even junk—auctioned off for large amounts of money in the past decade?

Used napkins, chewing gum, stray hairs from hair brushes, worn out tennis shoes…

Some of these brought hundreds—even thousands, and in some cases millions—of dollars.

Why would people be willing to pay so much for things we, in the general public, throw away every day?

What makes a wad of gum so valuable, anyway?

Turns out that it is not the “item” that is worth so much. It is the people these items belonged to—it’s the personal connection to the singers, celebrities, sports stars.

So, what about Jesus’s robe?

Some sources say that our Lord’s robe was specially made of one piece of fabric, with no seams. That would make it special. But, I suggest to you that the centurions who cast lots for His robe just may have recognized in those last moments, that He, indeed, was the long-awaited Messiah.

He was who he claimed to be. God’s Son, come in the flesh, with the express purpose of dying for the sins of a world which rejected Him.

His garment was valuable because of the personal connection. It belonged to the Savior.

And, that made it priceless.

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