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24 Hours

Matthew 6:27- Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?


I was frazzled. I had just unloaded the groceries from the car, realizing that I only had an hour to finish straightening up the house and make dinner.

Do you ever feel like if you had just one more hour in the day that you could accomplish everything you had set out to do?

That if you could squeeze another day into the week, or another month into the year, you wouldn’t feel the anxiety of not completing all “there is to do”?

Do you feel constantly “behind” schedule?

When I feel like this (and I confess I often do) I take a deep breath and calm myself down.

I think about this verse and just why I think God included it in His Word.

He gave us twenty-four hours in a day to get things done. Twenty-four hours to eat, sleep, visit with others, read—and hundreds of other things that “take up our day.”

Since I know he wants the best for me, I have to believe He knows that, in a given day, this is all the time I really need.

But, perhaps He is saying something so simple that we often miss it. Maybe, He is saying that He wants us to lead the kind of lives that fit nicely into the realm of His 24/7 established time frame.

Maybe He’s saying that filling up our day to overflowing isn’t part of His plan for us at all.

Maybe He wants us to enjoy life more and not try to pack it so full of endless activities that have no lasting value in the “big scheme of things.”

Maybe He’s telling us to take more walks and watch more sunsets.

Maybe He’s telling us that He’ll take care of the rest.

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