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Have You Heard It All Before?


Proverbs 1:5- “let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance—”


When Nancy heard the door open, she pushed herself to a sitting position from the sofa where she slept waiting for her son’s safe return.

She glanced at her watch. One o’clock. 

He had overstayed his curfew again. 


“Not now, Mom. I’ve heard it all before.”

“That’s the problem, son. You hear me speaking, but you don’t really listen. Listening requires that you not only receive the sound, but you also understand my words.”

Many times I have felt the same way when hearing a sermon.

I may have heard the Biblical account before…even read it myself multiple times over the years. 

Then, one day, a word or phrase stands out. Perhaps there is a different emphasis. A unique illustration of a major concept or theme.

And then…


it has a new, deeper meaning as I listen to the message God has for me.

When I open myself to not just hearing, but listening, I am able to gain more understanding.

God’s Word blesses my soul.

As I listen, He speaks to my heart.



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God Sent You a Valentine!

Romans 1:20- “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”

In the very stars of heaven, God proclaims his great love for us.

God sent us a Valentine!!

His love knows no bounds. His message is written in His Word and in the heavenly bodies of the universe. That’s right!  They aren’t just beautiful creations of light hung there for our enjoyment. (Although that was certainly part of His intent).

They were, in fact, put there to tell God’s story of His love, and plan of redemption.

15651996037_80068decbe_mThis may be a new concept for you, but read on…

Quite some time ago, my mother-in-law gave me the most fascinating book by the late James Kennedy called, The Real Meaning of the Zodiac. It contains his well-documented research, as well as that of eight other well-known Bible scholars. It is an astounding account of God’s love.

The book was printed as a special TBN Edition in 1989 and one of their most requested publications ever. In it, Dr. Kennedy unfolds the timeless story of God’s love—His Gospel in the stars.

The Bible tells us that He called all of the stars “the host of heaven,” that He numbered them, ordered them, and set them in the firmament to be signs. (Although their original meaning has been corrupted into something counterfeit by astrologers.)

His marvelous masterpiece, the art gallery of God, depicts the message of redemption revealing to man the account of the coming, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That’s right. The way of salvation is revealed beautifully for us in the heavens!

Dr. Kennedy begins the explanation of the true Zodiac with Virgo, or the Virgin and the birth of the incarnate Son of God. He continues the “great celestial preaching of the Gospel” with the other eleven signs, ending with Leo, The Lion, which depicts Christ’s victory over sin, the world, and Satan.

By citing specific scripture for each sign, Dr. Kennedy reminds us that God has done all of this so that we might know of God’s love…that we might know His son as our savior, and so that the glory of Jesus and his redemption might fill our hearts with wonder and praise.

He loves me. He loves you.

He has told us so in His Word, in the heavens, and by sending us the gift of salvation through his son, Jesus.

May you never look at the night sky in quite the same way again.

It is His Valentine to mankind.


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Are You Sure You Want Biscuits?

Job 23:12-  I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.

Have you ever gone to the store to get something specific, got distracted looking at or purchasing other items, and then left without the item you went there to get in the first place? I have. More than once. I often tell myself I must have not needed it, anyway.

How about taking out your Bible to look up a specific passage and getting side-tracked by a different verse or verses and ending up reading those instead of pursuing the one that you were originally looking for? I’ve done that, too.

So, what’s wrong with us? Easily distracted? Maybe. At least that’s what I used to think. But, now I’m not so sure…

Could it be that God simply had a different message in mind for us? I say this because, more often than not, what I ended up reading was something I definitely needed to hear. It was the perfect reminder, word of caution or encouragement at just the right time.

Instead of being frustrated, I’m learning to let God take the lead. After all, in the Lord’s Prayer we ask Him to give us our Daily Bread, don’t we? We have much more freedom to learn what He has for us when we don’t put in an “order” for rye, whole wheat, or sourdough, but instead let Him surprise us with a deliciously braided bread filled with a divine flavor that only He can bake.

I can just smell it, now, can’t you? And the taste is like…honey. So sweet, so delicate, that I have to close my eyes and savor it. And while my eyes are closed, I open my spiritual eyes and see why He has chosen that specific passage for me…on this particular day… and I thank Him for providing my spiritual food, my daily bread.

This was the message He had for me today. How do I know? Because I had an entirely different verse I was looking for and He led me to Job 23:12, instead.

Like me, you may have been planning on biscuits for breakfast, but why not feast on HIS DAILY BREAD instead?


America’s Favorites

I Peter 3:15– “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…”

America is a country that loves to do surveys. I looked up the survey results for “America’s Favorites”. You may be surprised at some of them:

America’s Favorite Game Show- Jeopardy

America’s Favorite Cookie- Oreo

America’s Favorite Cowboy- Gene Autry

America’s Favorite Foods- Steak and Chicken

America’s Favorite Sport- A toss up between baseball and football

America’s Favorite Preacher- Billy Graham

What about religions? It turns out that 71% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, the majority are reluctant to claim membership in any particular denomination.

Still, if we were to survey Americans, I am fairly certain the God of the Bible would win as America’s favorite. But, do the majority of Americans really know who God is? Do they know what He teaches? His laws? What about his character? His attributes? Do they believe in the existence of Heaven? Hell? Do they know what He says about the future of mankind? Do they believe He cares about them? That he answers prayer?

Where will they go to get the answers? The Bible? The internet? Their friends and neighbors?

As Christians, the Bible says that we are to be ready to answer those who ask us about our faith. There is a world filled with people who need to know that God loves them and has prepared a way to heaven for them.

God holds us responsible—and accountable— for sharing the good news of the gospel. We need to ask God to put the desire in our hearts to share His love with others…to boldly proclaim His message of forgiveness and mercy to a lost and dying world.

By the way, both believers and nonbelievers have voted “Amazing Grace” to be America’s favorite song.


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Lip Sync?

Jeremiah 23:26– How long will there be lies in the hearts of those who speak false words in My name, who speak the lies of their own heart?

On the morning news I heard a story about a recent Lip Sync contest that took place on a late night television show. A video clip showed famous celebrities belting out the lyrics to popular contemporary songs and the audience cheering them on, as if they were hearing the actual artists themselves. In most cases, it was virtually impossible to tell they were not really singing the words themselves!

I think about the voice of God. Is it possible for us to know if it is really His voice we are listening to, or that of someone else? Someone who may say similar words, but twist them ever so slightly so that the meaning is distorted? The intent to misguide…

How can we know His true voice? How can we recognize the voice of impostors who really mean to lead us away from The Truth?

Television talk shows, social media, magazines—the list goes on and on. It won’t take much effort to find voices in every venue that purport to know and proclaim their own “truth.” If we are not careful, we may fall prey to their message. We may, in fact, be led away from the True and Living God we so earnestly seek.

There are hundreds of books to be read. There are opportunities to attend church or even watch worship services from your own living room. You can read online commentaries. The list is never ending.

So, I ask you, again: How will you know the message is from God? How will you know His true voice from that of the Lip Syncers of this world?

The Bible, as God’s Word, is His message to us. It is the only written word that is 100% endorsed by Him. So, when we read or hear other voices, the way to know if they voice His Truth is to simply check out the message they bring against what The Bible says. If their words align with the Bible, they can be believed as trusted sources. If they conflict, discard what they say and believe God’s Word every time.

If you do, you’ll never go wrong, never be led astray, never be caught wondering if it is really HIS Voice.



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