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Make A Joyful Noise–and Join the Heavenly Choir!

Revelation 15:3- “They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying: “Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!”


This morning, our church choir was a bit scant. Some were ill, others on holiday trips. The director did something that has never been done before. She did an all call, asking members of the congregation to walk to the front of the sanctuary and “fill-in” for one of the missing members.

Now, I admit to being “vocally challenged”. So, when the opportunity to sing with the choir arose, I jumped on it.

Like a lot of us folk who weren’t blessed with the most beautiful of voices, I LOVE to sing…to lift my voice in praise of the Almighty. So, I literally flew to the front and joined the group.

It was a great experience. I forgot all about being in front of the congregation and just sang—from my heart.

I couldn’t help but imagine, when I returned to my seat, what it will be like to sing in that heavenly choir one day…joining in with the angels in unending praise of our Lord.

Only then we will be able to fully express the depth of our love and our gratefulness to our savior.

I don’t think we will need any kind of a teleprompter. We will sing from the depths of our souls.

From that place deep inside that only Jesus can fully know or understand.

My voice may produce more of a noise, than a beautiful sound of a fine-tuned instrument, but it will definitely be filled with joy!

This IS indeed a joyful season, but for Christians every day is a reason to rejoice…every day is a new opportunity to lift our voices in praise to our king.

Even if it is for only five minutes in the warmth of a morning shower—my usual venue—let’s lift our voices as if in rehearsal for that heavenly choir that we will one day be able to join.

Because I have it from a good source that there are still a few openings left.

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Lip Sync?

Jeremiah 23:26– How long will there be lies in the hearts of those who speak false words in My name, who speak the lies of their own heart?

On the morning news I heard a story about a recent Lip Sync contest that took place on a late night television show. A video clip showed famous celebrities belting out the lyrics to popular contemporary songs and the audience cheering them on, as if they were hearing the actual artists themselves. In most cases, it was virtually impossible to tell they were not really singing the words themselves!

I think about the voice of God. Is it possible for us to know if it is really His voice we are listening to, or that of someone else? Someone who may say similar words, but twist them ever so slightly so that the meaning is distorted? The intent to misguide…

How can we know His true voice? How can we recognize the voice of impostors who really mean to lead us away from The Truth?

Television talk shows, social media, magazines—the list goes on and on. It won’t take much effort to find voices in every venue that purport to know and proclaim their own “truth.” If we are not careful, we may fall prey to their message. We may, in fact, be led away from the True and Living God we so earnestly seek.

There are hundreds of books to be read. There are opportunities to attend church or even watch worship services from your own living room. You can read online commentaries. The list is never ending.

So, I ask you, again: How will you know the message is from God? How will you know His true voice from that of the Lip Syncers of this world?

The Bible, as God’s Word, is His message to us. It is the only written word that is 100% endorsed by Him. So, when we read or hear other voices, the way to know if they voice His Truth is to simply check out the message they bring against what The Bible says. If their words align with the Bible, they can be believed as trusted sources. If they conflict, discard what they say and believe God’s Word every time.

If you do, you’ll never go wrong, never be led astray, never be caught wondering if it is really HIS Voice.



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Psalm 100:1-2   “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all you lands! Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.”

Yesterday afternoon, Legacy Quartet performed at our church. They are a tremendous group of singers out of Colorado. They travel all over the world in their ministry of song. We are so blessed that they were able to come to our church for the second year and we’re already booking them for next January!

Like it is when you hear a tune you just can’t get out of your head, I “sang” myself to sleep last night. It probably won’t surprise you if I confess that I woke up this morning reliving their performance as I readied myself for church.

No, I don’t sing in the choir. I’m one of those people who limit myself to singing in the shower. Although one of my long time secret dreams has been to one day possess a voice worthy of the stage, that hasn’t happened—yet.

No, I wasn’t blessed with an outstanding singing voice, but I was blessed with other areas of giftedness. And so were you.

I have come to realize that the light-hearted, exuberant feeling associated with singing can be found in other ways, or styles, if you will. Some people “sing” as they push the book cart at a local nursing home. Others “sing” as they take a meal to a grieving family. It’s possible to “sing” as you pen a note to a friend, watch a neighbor’s child so they can have a couple of uninterrupted hours, or as you place a can of vegetables in the collection box at the local supermarket.

You see, for some of us, the stage will not be Carnegie Hall. For us, it may be a kitchen table, a writing desk, a one-to-one experience on a much smaller scale. Even though our area of giftedness may not be vocal, it is still just as important to share with others.

Because singing is an attitude of the heart.


Calling All Sheep!

John 10:14- “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.”

I grew up in an era when children played outside with their friends from the moment they got home from school until they were called for dinner. For most of the kids in our neighborhood, this was about 5:30 p.m.

Although there would sometimes be several parents calling their own brood home at the same time, each of us knew when it was our mother’s or father’s voice calling “dinnertime!”  And, when we heard it, we’d bid our friends good-bye and hustle toward home.

In today’s verse, God reminds us that He is our Good Shepherd. When He says that His sheep know His voice, he is referring to those of us who are “His.” This means those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

How do we hear Him? How do we distinguish His voice, from that of others?

Simple: If it is written in His Word, the Bible, then we can be certain it is truly His voice. The Bible also tells us that He will speak to us when we seek the wisdom of Christian friends, pastors and other church leaders. Many Christians tell of instances where they “hear” God’s voice in the form of an “impression” after a time of prayer, meditation, and/or fasting.

Just hearing His voice isn’t quite the intent of this verse, though, is it? What we do when we hear His voice is important, too. If I had heard my mother calling me to dinner, and had not heeded her call, I would have been pretty hungry by bedtime. In the same way, if we do not follow-up on God’s call with some kind of action on our part, we will likely find that we have missed more than a meal. We will have missed a banquet!

Christians, please don’t think that I am saying that you are going to miss the Marriage Supper. No, I am referring to missing out on the daily relationship with God and His blessings for those who respond to Him out of obedience.

If His voice is becoming indistinguishable in the midst of all of the others in the world vying for your attention, I encourage you to set aside time for daily prayer and get back into The Word. Become familiar, again, with the voice of The Good Shepherd.

Keep your ear tuned for His call!



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