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Where Are They Now?

on November 3, 2014

2 Corinthians 5:5b- “…to be absent from the body (is to) be present with the Lord.”

A television show that I have recently discovered is on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). It is called “Where Are They Now? “ People write in, asking Oprah to update them on what some of her past guests, childhood actors, or otherwise newsworthy people are doing, now.

It is interesting to see what they look like, currently, and what they are doing with their lives. Some, sadly, have passed away. It is sometimes heartbreaking to hear of the tragic end of their lives.

Watching last night, and thinking about the current book I am writing, I felt God’s leading to remind us that we can be assured as to the eternal abode of our fellow Christians. Scripture tells us that we don’t have to ask, “Where Are They Now?” We can know for certain that those who are believers will immediately be present with our Lord in Heaven when they leave this earth.

As a small child, I was extremely frightened of dying. I remember having terrible nightmares. My mother would respond to my outcries with patience and understanding. It wasn’t until I came to faith in Jesus in the 6th grade, that she and I got a good night’s sleep! I never again had a nightmare about dying!

Scripture comforts those of us faced with the death of our loved ones who know Christ. But, for those who don’t, may this encourage us to go to them in love and share the gospel—today! Let’s not be left asking, one day “Where Are They Now?” 



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