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on May 18, 2015

Psalm 139:8- (David says of God) “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.”

My husband and I enjoy doing things with friends and family. Since our weekday evenings are generally filled with meetings and other obligations, we try to use our weekends to schedule time for eating out, movies, and having friends over.

Whether we use a scheduling system on our cell phones or an “old-fashioned” calendar, it is just a sign of the times that we are all very busy and need to keep track of our activities.

You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to come up with workable dates for everyone in a group, but even when we plan things a month or two in advance, somehow we still run into scheduling problems or something comes up at the last minute which necessitates changing the date or time.

Even though we think we are busy, God must be even busier. Think about all of the prayers He must listen to—and act on—in just one given day! How about all of the world events, weather, planets, etcetera that are in His control?

And, yet, the Bible tells us that He wants to spend time with us each day! But, there are millions of us. How can He possibly do this when I have difficulty even getting the schedules of four friends to mesh?

His Word tells us that He is omnipresent (present in all places at all times) and omniscient (knows everything and his knowledge is complete). This makes it possible for Him to listen to my prayer at the same time He offers peace to earthquake victims and comforts the parents of a lost child. He doesn’t have to consult His calendar if you and I decide to pray at the same time or if catastrophes happen, simultaneously, around the globe.

He wants us to spend time with us and He’s available 24/7. Whenever we call on Him, He’ll be with us—on any given day, at any hour of the day or night.

He is able to meet with us at a moment’s notice. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY.


One response to “24/7

  1. Kay says:

    Love reading all your snippets. Great job!!


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