Seeing life's events in the light of God's Word.

Keeping an Eye On My Father

on June 18, 2017



Psalm 116:8- “For you, Lord, have delivered me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling,”


A family of four headed east to pay Grandma and Grandpa a customary visit the second week of June in 2014.

They had made the familiar trek once each summer for the previous ten years.

There was a map in the glove compartment, but the father (and primary driver) was sure he wouldn’t need it. After all, Jason had made the drive many times before.

Along about dusk, a doe and her fawn grazing by the side of the interstate, caught Jason’s attention. For a split second, he took his eyes off the road.

“Daddy!” His middle child screamed.

Jason saw the semi just in time, returning his car to his side of the road and avoiding certain death.

Through the years, I have found that when I take my eyes off of my spiritual father, I often experience difficulties in decision making, interpersonal relationships, and reaching goals (just to name a few). It’s when I refocus, get back in a close relationship with Him, that I find myself once again on the path he intended for me.

And, just like Jason, I’m back on the right side of the road.


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