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A Glimpse of Heaven

on September 3, 2017


1 Corinthians 2:9-  “…What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived—the things God has prepared for those who love him.”



Mom’s eyes were filled with tears when she recounted last’s night’s dream.

“I didn’t want to come back,” she sobbed.

“What do you mean? Come back from where?” I held her hand and brushed the soft gray hair away from her face.

“From Heaven. It was so beautiful. I just wanted to stay there forever.”

I slid my chair closer. “What was it like?”

“Oh. I-I-I don’t know how to explain it.” She paused, a faraway look in her eyes. “It was all laid out before me. It went on forever. And, all the colors. I’ve never seen colors like that before. The jewels—they sparkled like… Oh, it was so wonderful. I want to go back.”

I thanked God for the little glimpse of Heaven given to my dear mother who is now experiencing the last stages of Alzheimer’s—and for the reassurance given to me as she spoke those words just a few days ago.

Not that we necessarily want this life to end, but most Christians would say that they, too, look forward to Heaven.

Streets of gold, colors beyond description…

Although we may imagine what it will be like, our human brains cannot even conceive of its magnificence.

Jesus will be there and I cannot even begin to understand what it will be like to be in His presence, to sit at His table, and talk with Him face to face.

For now, though, I’ll just have to be content to dream along with Mom.

3 responses to “A Glimpse of Heaven

  1. May God continue to bless you, your mother, and your writing! Thank you for the warming story of heaven as we know it.


  2. Nancy J Johnson says:

    So beautifully worded, Brenda. Very heart-touching. It is amazing, isn’t it, even with late stage Alzheimer’s, the moments of clarity that come through, and such amazing moments for your Mom, that she was able to share with you!


  3. Kay says:

    Brenda, I loved this article. It gives me so much hope. You tell you Mom, God still has a purpose for her in this life with such inspiring words as she just spoke to you. Thanks for sharing this precious moment with your Mom.


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