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A Tweet or a Psalm?

on September 2, 2018

Psalm 22:22- “I will declare your name to my people; in the assembly I will praise you.”


One of my goals this year, has been to better understand—and even navigate—in the world of TWITTER.

I started out slowly by reading TWEETS.

Now that I am feeling comfortable with that, I am moving on to Replying to TWEETS.

Yesterday, I replied to a one that asked me to share my thoughts by completing this sentence: “I Like it When:” I clicked on the reply icon and wrote a few comments.

As I finished my Bible Study this morning, I was prompted to spend a few moments in praise. I decided to “phrase my praise” as “I Love it When:”

Here are a few I sent heavenward:

I Love it when a cool breeze blows on my face. Thank you, Lord, for cool breezes.

I Love it when I see a rainbow after a storm. Thank you, Lord, for your promise in the rainbow.

I Love it when God sends me a special verse of comfort or direction at just the right time. Thank you, Lord, for the truths in your Holy Word.

David’s Psalms were too lengthy to qualify as modern day Tweets. If he were living today, he’d probably choose to share his praises on Facebook or a website where he could expand his thoughts.

But, whatever the length, our God is Most Worthy of Praise! 

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